Vendor Registration


Listings are free




– Sellers can use MK website to post products for sale
– Sellers need to register as a MK Seller of products
– Sellers take appropriate photos, prepare accurate description and set their price and load information on MK listings.
– Listings are free.
– MK sellers decide on two posting options. A price that is non-negotiable or a price that is negotiable but has a pre-established minimum. With the option that is negotiable the buyer can offer a price that the seller could possibly accept but only has one chance to offer an acceptable price. Once the buyer has bought the product, the sale is subject to shipping the product to MK
– MK sellers bring or ship the products to the MK Distribution Centre for shipment to the buyer. They can deliver in person, use the mailing system or ship products using their preferred carrier directly to MK Distribution Centre.

– After receipt of the product

  • MK notifies the buyer that the product has arrived
  • The buyer pays MK for the product and the selected shipping options.
  • MK pays the seller
  • MK ships and delivers the product as per the shipping options:
    • by sea, by air, express


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