Mozo Kai


Provides an on-line platform 

Shop & Buy

Mozo Kai provides an on-line platform that allows you to shop major retailers in Canada and/or shop MK website for featured products. You purchase the products you need from the selected retailers and have the products delivered to a MK Centre address in Canada (you need to advise us that a your parcels or products are coming) and if you pick from the featured MK products, they are already at our distribution centre. You select your preferred shipping option, then they will be shipped to the DRC near you or sent directly to your home or to a convenient local address. Mozo Kai will periodically post featured products on sale on its website. You must arrange delivery from the on-line retailer to MK at Riverside Storage, 500 Assumption Blvd, Moncton NB, E1C 0R5 Canada. If you pick the MK selected retailer store location as Moncton, we have preferred delivery rates and in some cases, we do weekly pick-ups from these retailers.