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Mozo Kai specializes in helping shoppers, small businesses and charitable organizations to find and deliver products between Canada and Africa.

How Shipping Works

1.  After having shopped on-line, fill out the shipping information on the retailer’s site giving instructions to deliver the packages to the MK Distribution Centre, 500 Assumption Blvd, Moncton, NB, E1C 0R5 Canada and send us an email at: informing us that a package or mail has been shipped and provide us with the product details and your MK member details.
If you pick the MK selected retailer store location as Moncton, we have preferred delivery rates in our town and in some cases, we do weekly pick-ups from these retailers.

2.  When your package arrives at the MK Distribution Centre, we will register your package.

3. If you are shopping MK’s featured products and we have the inventory on hand you complete the transaction.
4.  MK notifies the buyer of the arrival of the products and ask the buyer to pick their preferred method of shipping. You will need to select shipment by mail, by air or by ship.

5.  The MK member pays MK for the shipping, you choose your method of payment: Credit card, E-transfer or PayPal. Our standard charge is $25 per Kg US including duty. Contact us for non-typical dimension products information. Charges can change during volatile business periods.

6.  Once payment is received MK will send your product to our office in DRC or to the member’s final destination.

7.  The time of arrival of your package will depend on which option you have selected ie. by mail, by air or by ship. Some time later your package arrives in your area.

8.  The buyer tracks their product moving from the MK Distribution System to its final destination through the MK shipping and tracking system


To Be Eligible For Shipping

1. MK individual or business members must be authenticated using a combination of MK member number, proper personal identification, personal email and/or social media.

2.  Buyers must comply with all domestic and international shipping prohibitions and restrictions and they must disclose any prohibited items to the proper authorities. As soon as MK suspects any prohibited items they will be inspected and if found non-compliant, they will be turned over to the appropriate authorities.

3.  The charge for shipping will be based on weight, volume and dimensions, these have to be identified.

4.  Food products are not allowed.

5.  Shipping must be prepaid.

6.  All buying and selling activities must be legal. Any illegal activities will be disclosed to the police and/or to customs officers.

7.  MK may use reputable carrier services when needed to reduce cost and shorten delivery time.


 Find and deliver products between Canada & Africa.
 Find and deliver products between Canada & Africa.