Shipping Form


your online servant and product delivery partner


Select your products, pay the retailer and arrange delivery to our MK products international shipping centre at the following address:
MK at Riverside Storage 
500 Assomption Blvd
Moncton, NB, E1C 0R5 Canada.

Don’t forget that if you select the retailer’s store location as Moncton, we have preferred rates and in some cases, we do weekly pick-ups from these retailers in our local City. This local link from to the retailer to MK is an easy solution to move your products at reasonable cost and at faster timetable.

Advise MK by Email of the details of your purchase and the shipping details. Ensure you have your address and final destination address and Email with your package.
MK notifies you of your product’s arrival and ask for your preferred method of shipping. The MK member pays MK for the shipping.

We will then contact you for delivery at your final address or designated pick-up centre.

Visit our “Tips and Instructions for members” on Buying, Selling and How shipping works

Shipping Form