Our Team

As former citizens from African countries and Canadians who have experience in volunteering abroad, including in Africa, we realized that Canadians have used household articles that could be valuable to those less fortunate. These products could be distributed to citizens in African communities through an international shipping company.
At the same time, MK International will make it easier for Africans to identify products that they need to buy and make that transaction easier, safer and affordable.
We will also consider franchise opportunities to further build connections between Canada and Africa

Michel Kaozi - Owner

The primary owner of Group MK is Michel Kaozi. He is originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and has been living in Canada since 1991. He has a Diploma in agriculture and international development from the University of Guelph and has studied business administration for 2 years at the University of Moncton.
His dad had a dream of sending his kids to developed countries to study and then return to their native country to contribute to its development. His dad has since passed away, at 89 years old but his dream lives on in his son and Group MK International.
Over the last 5 years, Michel has developed a logistics business that moves products from Canada to the Congo. At first, this work was done on a volunteer/charitable basis, but people started requesting shipping services for specific products. These service requests prompted the incorporation of MK Group International to provide shipping and logistics services. The Charitable work continues under MK Charities that is registered in Canada and continues to accept donations, and ships them to people in need. MozoKai will help him expand his business to other African countries.

Robert Kafunga Lukunku - Lawyer

Robert Kafunga Lukunku is Lawyer by trade. He is licenced in Public Law from the University of Lubumbashi. He is President of the Socio Cultural Association FPIC and Executive Director of Fercomex. He owns businesses that sell Information Technology hardware and South African motor vehicles from South Africa to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He is the ICON GROUP’s Site Manager, Managing Expat Employees on Tenke Fungurume Mining and is the Administrator of GMKI.

Leo LeBlanc - Business Partner
His main business partner is Leo LeBlanc. He has worked 20 years as the VP of Corporate Affairs in a wholesale co-operative with sales of $650 million. He also has volunteer experience in Africa, South America and South East Asia.