Ants have great leadership qualities:

Commitment and Teamwork
– Ants are faithful to the queen and to one another
– Ants are loyal and will protect the hive with their life
– Ants have constant fellowship with each other
– Ants care for one another and they love each other
– Ants are social
– Ants dwell in peace with one another
– Ants have team intelligence
– Ants value teamwork, cohesiveness and work in collaboration, co-operation and coordination

Personal Integrity and Versatility
– Ants are humble
– Ants have wisdom
– Ants have uncompromising adherence hive principles and values
– Ants demonstrate unconditional sharing
– Ants are persistent, diligent, energetic, and industrious
– Ants are patient
– Ants are strong willed but flexible
– Ants have a mindset for success

– Ants are not intimidated by big workloads or big projects
– Ants can carry many times their own weight,
– Ants work well with others
– Ants are good planners
– Ants are good at organizing and they all work towards the same goal
– Ants have huge commitment to their work and don’t quit until the job is done
– Ants are good decision makers
– Ants are hard working and always active
– Ants build and repair things together
– Ants are well disciplined and everything they do is quality work
– Ants very carefully manage their resources without waste
– Ants save for the future and work in a sustainable way