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Mozo Kai:

We will strive to build a positive business experience in every transaction so that buyers and sellers can connect with more confidence and security. We will ask our member users to uphold the same high standards that they apply in their own community when dealing with their neighbours.

We want to build a sustainable network of citizens and communities so they can handle their own business transactions. Our focus is to build an online marketplace for people near and far, that provides the simplest and most trustworthy buying and selling experience for individuals and small businesses.

We can also, extend our network to selected communities (that qualify and will respect our code of conduct and our policies) that would like to set up, a buy-and-sell portal for their region.

MK Charities: (Our MK Charities website is under construction)

Trust between people and communities is essential for sustainable development. We have experienced it firsthand.

Ordinary people can make gestures of kindness and respect. They can also build economic ties through simple economic transactions that can benefit our citizens and communities.

We will also partner with reputable non-government organizations (NGOs), charitable, religious and community organizations to build strong networks and maximize our collective contribution to community building.

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